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From Simply Special to Truly Badass

Les Paul Special to Badass Poster

Ever since rendering the stock bridge useless in this 2019 made Les Paul Special, I’ve been looking for the wrap-around bridge of my dreams - one that would allow full control over the intonation while still maintaining a proper contact with the mounting studs. Enter the Leo Quan Badass.

Les Paul Custom Meets the String Butler

Les Paul Custom Meets The String Butler

Dramatic tuning instability has forced my hand in dressing up my Les Paul Custom with the String Butler from Dietrich Parts. This is the first upgrade video in the Les Paul Custom’s Baseline Series category. The main focus here is to see if the product…

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Baseline Series: Recording Chain Details

Posted by EricKlinger on 18.May.2020

For this first article, I will layout the details of the recording chain used to create the audio in my videos. The entire chain is kept as simple as possible, using presets that I have created where ever possible. Once the guitar audio is captured, no further processing is done - I will go more in depth on this in a moment. Let’s begin.